What we do


Capitalism can serve profits in multiple ways not only in leveraging the extraordinary energy of the labor pool in Haiti, but through a convergence of smart investments, sustainability, and community engagement. Within all developing countries, including Haiti, business risk is amplified due to the complexity and nuances of the market.  However, the rewards are far greater for investors who are able to navigate these markets most efficiently. This is what we do.

We work with progressive companies from around the world committed to a modern way of doing business. C432’s strategic alliances, business relationships and close contacts with powerful organizations and institutions make largescale projects happen at record speed serving as a development constellation unlike any other in the country.  The C432 team expertly navigates to get the job done while leveraging this strategic network.

C432 acts as a de facto, on the ground, turnkey, development partner. Our network is unparalleled, spanning the highest levels in country, stateside contacts, local private sector partners, Government, influencers, as well as multiple local and international NGOs.

Phase 1: Exploratory
+ Due Diligence

There is magic in Haiti. We understand that people need to see it to believe it. We encourage our future clients to experience Haiti as we know it, through our uniquely curated trips as the most important first step.  Let us show you our Haiti and see for yourself the myriad of business opportunities.

C432 trips include tours of relevant sites based on your specific business interest, access and meetings with the country’s most influential people, remarkable social events, cultural immersion and once in a lifetime experiential adventures.  Through this experience, you will have exposure to the business, creative, artistic, culinary and human spirit of Haiti that makes it one of the most authentic and awe-inspiring places on earth.

This is a service we offer to like-minded, serious investors that have real projects geared toward job creation, capacity building and thoughtful community engagement.


Once it is clear that the model is sustainable, our Project Managers work as an extension of your team to get the work done on the ground.  Our team leads the preparation of business plans, local strategy development, applications for incentives, Government of Haiti relations, RFP process for needed partners (eg. general contractors, architects, construction supervision, recruitment, etc.), creation of the corporation, opening up bank accounts, lease negotiations: whatever is needed to get your business up and running.  We move at the pace that you make decisions and take the pain out of working in a new market.  While we enjoy the journey, we are always focused on your target results.


Once operational, C432 remains engaged to provide ongoing support through in-country leadership, trouble shooting, Government of Haiti relations, logistical support, community activities and special project assistance. Special projects may range from periodic audits, project launch events, catalogue photo shoots or simply to provide supportive and unique partnership opportunities. 


C432’s mission is to provide powerful results and share extraordinary experiences with clients as we lead the transition from traditional philanthropy to meaningful business opportunities. All of our clients are focused on creating sustainable jobs in Haiti, but place tremendous importance on elevating lives within the existing business climate.  Our clients understand they are not only investing in a business, they are transforming a community.  

C432 values social impact and focuses on creating an ecosystem whereby the private sector projects connect with the best NGO and donor partners in the country serving communities to provide basic social services (not offered by the Government) and accompaniment to help truly elevate people’s lives. This relationship creates an ongoing dialogue with the community, which dramatically improves security, increases employee loyalty and addresses the real needs of the locals.  Through our network, we connect thoughts and opportunities to provide the much-needed support to all parties to secure partnerships successfully.

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