In 2011, Habitat for Humanity created the Haiti Property Law Working Group (HPLWG). The group has grown to more than 300 members and has dedicated itself to clarifying and raising awareness of land issues and promoting the development of a secure land transaction system in Haiti.  The HPLWG created tools and undertaken training to address a range of property law issues.

Liz Blake proudly helped create the HPLWG, which launched Phase 3 of their important work in January 2019 through a partnership with USAID. 

Phase 3 will train paralegals in rural areas to support small farmers as they establish a legal paper trail, which can help secure title and allow farmers to begin paying taxes.  It is a proven fact that farmers who own their own land are more productive.

It will also work with the Government of Haiti to formally recognize the documentation to establish a tax revenue stream and work with the local banks to also recognize the assets and provide access to affordable credit.

Specifically, the Group has published two manuals and provided training to thousands of people on:


Ayiti Community Trust

The Ayiti Community Trust (A.C.T.) is the country’s first endowed fund, building on Haiti’s assets and driven by Haitians’ needs while providing resources for sustainable solutions. A.C.T. is registered in Haiti and operates as a grant-making community foundation. The fund will provide sustainable support to Haitian organizations in Haiti within three interconnected pillars: Environment, Civic Education, and Entrepreneurship. It is registered as 501(c)3 organization in the US and has partnered with the Miami Foundation, the largest community foundation serving Miami for more than 50 years. Joanne Maislin currently sits on the Executive Board for Ayiti Community Trust as Treasurer.