Maryse Penette Kedar


As a renowned multi-task professional doer, Mrs. Kedar currently works as a consultant for Royal Caribbean International. She is the President of Société Labadie Nord S.A. (SOLANO), a Haitian registered corporation managing the Royal Caribbean’s cruise port in Labadie, Cap Haitian.

Her civic mindedness and deep commitment toward Haiti has been recognized throughout the years. She is the recipient of the Grand Croix, the highest honor and recognition bestowed upon the Government of Haiti, for her accomplishments.


Maryse Pénette-Kedar is the founder and President of the board of directors of the Progress and Development Foundation (PRODEV). She believes that education is the pathway to any nation-building enterprise. PRODEV was founded in 1995 and is a nonprofit Haitian-led foundation officially recognized by the government of Haiti. Its main mission is to empower the youth of Haiti through education. She strongly believes that only education can create a stronger, just and democratic Haiti.

Maryse Penette-Kedar is also the President of the Board of the Haitian Center for Leadership and Excellence (CLE), which she founded in 2011 with a group of Haitian leaders from the political, private and civil society sectors.