Joanne Maislin is the President of C432, her entrepreneurial spirit, philanthropic interests and degree as a Chartered Professional Accountant provides Joanne with the skills and experience required to lead a global management-consulting firm. In this role, she guides international companies in every aspect of business development, from strategy and financial systems, to supply chain linkages and management. Working across the resort real estate development, hospitality, fashion (apparel, footwear and artisanal), energy and agribusiness industries in Haiti, Joanne helps businesses build their capacity and leadership at every level.


Joanne has worked with and built teams across the world in her previous executive roles with international companies. Prior to founding C432, Joanne served as the Director of Master Planning and Business Development at Intrawest Resorts, where she was responsible for overseeing the asset management and master planning of over $500 million in commercial real estate. Joanne focused on maximizing returns and guest experience by forecasting markets and carefully planning local dining, shopping and amenities offered to guests. She worked closely with government officials, real estate development teams, hotel operations, homeowners and resort associations, and community members to ensure that each resort experience benefitted the surrounding community and highlighted local cultural traditions. Prior to joining Intrawest, Joanne was a Chartered Professional Accountant with the audit division of Bessner Gallay Kreisman, a Montreal-based accounting, business advisory and consulting  firm.

Joanne received her Bachelor of Commerce and Graduate Degree in Chartered Accountancy from McGill University. She has served on the boards of ONEXONE, Kids for Kids and the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada. She has also served as President of the Montreal chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Joanne currently shares her time between her hometown of Montreal, Canada and Port au Prince, Haiti.